Posted by: Karen | May 25, 2006

100 x 1 Mile Relay Update

I did run last Thursday. I did a nice warm-up, a kind of fast mile for me, and cooled down. My blog and I had a distracting disagreement over the weekend, so I never did post it. Hopefully I can manage some details later.

So far I’ve recorded 16 miles in our 100 mile relay. Maybe I should have challenged everyone to a virtual marathon relay (26.2 x 1) instead! I also issued this challenge to some of the Penguin yahoogroups.

Dawn Henry in Calgary May 6, 17:22
Nikayla Dawn’s Granddaughter 17:22
Anne in CaliforniaMay 6th 13:00John Vezina in Devon, Alberta May 13th 9:27

Glenn Gabriel in TorontoMay 14th 11:05

Louise in Grand Rapids, May 14th, 12:47

Robb Runner?in Nova Scotia?May 15th 6:30

Mike in New Brunswick May 17th 6:40

Robert in Colorado May 18th 9:00

Karen (that’s me) in Calgary?May 18th 9:58

*jeanne* in Chesapeake Bay May 21st 8:06

Dudley?in Louisiana?May 25th 12:09

Pushpa in Ottawa?May 24 13:07

Carlene in Ottawa May 24 13:07

Marsha in Florida May 25 9:36

Nancy in Arlington May 21 11:47
(part of her Olympic Triathlon)

If I have missed your mile somehow, I humbly apologize. Please bring it to my attention here in the comments and I’ll include it right away.

When the Penguins did it in 2004 Glenn Gabriel did a fabulous job of recording it all. You can see the 2004 May Challenge map and the times?here.

There’s still time to get out there and time your measured mile, folks. Some of you bloggers might even challenge Robb Runner for the fastest mile! Dawn and I will be looking over our prize list and categories in the next 6 days – I hope we have LOTS of entries to choose from.

I know you’re out there running?anyway – why not have a little fun with it and send in a time?




  1. I ran a 5:59 doing mile reps yesterday; can I only send in the one time? I like to win things, so I would run a faster one tomorrow if I could.

  2. No problem, Adeel. Anyone can replace their mile time with a faster time if they want, up until May 31.

  3. That’s good, I ran a mile hard today in 5:16. It was a very fun workout: light, but still very fast. Thanks for the idea, I’ll probably do this every month.

  4. I’ve still got 4 days left…. I will get in that timed mile, I will, I will…

  5. I wish I was running…*sniff*… Can walking count? I’ve been doing -plenty of that!

  6. Weird. My mile was there before (led the pack, in fact) but now it’s gone.

  7. Arghh. Never mind, It was just bunched up. I’m there!

  8. Hey! When I click on Glenn Gabriel’s name here, the site comes up with a pic of Jo in To after her Detroit Marathon finish! Small world! 🙂

  9. […] Today’s your last chance to participate in the May Challenge, our 100 x 1 mile relay. Keep sending in those miles, folks! Tomorrow I hope to post a full wrap-up and new challenge for June. […]

  10. I ran my mile May26th. 8:29


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