Posted by: Karen | May 17, 2006

Hot Running & Dirty Feet

I don’t usually get to post titles like that for another couple of months, but yesterday and today our high temperatures have broken records over a hundred years old (30 & 31 C in MAY!). It didn’t stop me from running, though – I considered it an opportunity to acclimatize for a hot summer 🙂

One of my running buddies from last winter is recovering from physio and was allowed to run for no longer than 30 minutes last night. She did well at my speed, though, so we took Gord’s short option. We went down the curling club stairs, along the river to Langevin bridge, and up the Holly Park hill in front of the Ukrainian church. My left calf complained some in the first 10 minutes, but I ignored it and it stretched out/warmed up nicely going up the Holly Park hill.

We made it to within two blocks of the store before my watch ticked over to 30 minutes, and walked it in. Tanya headed off home, and I still had some training time on my hands. er, feet. I ran back over to the top of the curling club stairs where there was a nice, flat, quiet block and ran about 6 x 30 second repeats back and forth, leaving 30 seconds of recovery in between.

There were some women exercising in the little park next to the street, and the new, green grass looked sooooo cool. You can guess what I did next….

… I took off my shoes! and ran barefoot through the grass! I ran up and down the block beside the curb for about 5 minutes, experimenting with my form. Aside from the occasional stray pinecone, it was quite fun.

Hopefully in the next day or two I’ll have an update on how we’re doing with our May Challenge, the 100 x 1 mile virtual relay. I have yet to get my mile in, too.



  1. Barefoot? Uh oh. Don’t let Mark know. He’ll get jealous and do something crazy and wear a skirt running.

  2. are you gonna get some of the those toe shoes?

  3. lol @ Jon!!!

  4. The MILE! I forgot the MILE!
    Can I do a first mile split in a 5K? Or must it be a stand-alone mile?
    I’m running SLOW these adys anyway.

    Running in garss, barefoot?? Watch out for TICKS. I found a tick in a very personal spot last night. UGH. Gross me OUT, man!

  5. These DAYS. I meant to say.

    I’m running slowly these DAYS.

  6. Yep…and I meant to say GRASS. Barefoot in GRASS.

    Must be brain-damage from the trauma of finding that TICK.



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