Posted by: Karen | May 13, 2006

Busy Weekend

… and we’re only half way through it!

Last night I picked up Dawn and we went down to the Mother’s Day race expo to pick up our packets and do some shopping. Great Clips was there doing “free” haircuts for donations, and I snagged a nice little trim for $10. I picked up some free samples of various products, Little Runner had her caricature drawn, and we visited with Coach Dianne and others. Time flew by and we didn’t leave until 9 pm.

?I was up this morning at 6 a.m., made Hubby coffee and lunch for later (I only do this once in a while. He’s working the 6:30 am shift today). Drank some coffee, ate some toast, and waited for the digestive system to realize I was planning on running long today. I had hoped to get out the door around 7:30 so I could run for two hours before having to take Soccer Boy to practice, but didn’t get out until 8:30. Little Runner slept in until 8 (unheard of), but was deeply entranced by the t.v. when I left.

I ran 5k with two hills, one small and one medium. My hands were cold in the first mile and I think I might have seen my breath once or twice. After that I warmed up and the cold wind wasn’t so bad. The sunshine was deceiving. I wore shorts and a SL shirt, but the wind was chilly. After the first loop in 33ish minutes I popped in to make sure my kids hadn’t killed each other yet. Soccer Boy was on the computer, but now was going to get ready for soccer practice. Right now. Yup, now.

?I went back out and did?a second 5k loop on the same course in reverse. This one took a little longer, putting my total?time for the?10 km at 1:12. I stopped the watch and got Little Runner dressed so she wouldn’t have to come along in her jammies. Soccer Boy sprang into action and finished getting ready. As we were leaving the house for practice, who but one of SB’s coaches showed up. He’d come for the key to get the team’s soccer equipment (Hubby is the equipment guy for the league). Well heck, did he have room to take SB to practice, while he was at it? Yes.

?Huzzah!?(hey, I think I like that word)

I stuck LR back in front of the t.v. again, ate a Nutrigrain bar, answered an e-mail and headed back out the door one more time. This time I did a 6 km loop, stopping only for the occasional drink break and to take a few pictures of wildflowers. I felt pretty darn good in this last loop. I should take 20 minute breaks at the 10k point in my 16 km runs more often!

Towards the end I ran past a crescent in which friends of ours were participating in a multi-family garage sale. I jogged over to Frankie and said to her “Got anything really good? and LIGHT?” It took her a couple of seconds to realize that of course I wouldn’t be buying anything heavy while I was out running. As she laughed heartily I added “preferably with two wheels? and a motor?” More laughs as she pointed out her daughter’s old pink bicycle. “Sorry, no motor, but there’s that.” I snapped a pic of the bike and a pink bear on a chair for my friend the Pink Lady and carried on home.

?LR and I picked up SB from practice at 11:30?and headed home for lunch.?Tuna sandwich for him, leftover spaghetti pie for LR and me. I drank down two big glasses of 2% milk too. Aahhh.

By 12:145 we were back in the car taking SB to Referee a game at 1 pm. Spent 20 minutes figuring out how to get his bike to fit in the trunk first. As I made sure?I had him at the right field, he realized he’d left his stopwatch, penalty cards and whistle at home. I gave him my running watch for the first Half, and went back home to?get them for him. At least I didn’t have to go pick him up, because he would be riding his bike back down the hill home.

?So did I go home then? Have a shower, a nap, maybe? Nooooo.

LR wanted to?browse some garage sales, so I stopped at two. She?is thrilled to bits?with her new acquisitions:
– 1 stuffed dog she’s named Lucy (on the promise that it replace Grover, a ratty old one that I don’t like much)
– 1 flowery-dressed Barbie
– 1 Barbie-sized bike
– 1 set of 2 Playmobil horses, complete with riders and fences, so she can play “Spruce Meadows”.
I came home with a new set of black flat shoes, very suitable for work.

Shower-time now. Then supper, some laundry, and early to?bed. Big day tomorrow, too. I’m glad I went to the race package pick-up last night instead of leaving it until today. Photos later tonight, I hope.



  1. You’re a hoot. I hit a garage sale as well and you should see what I got….lol. Great job on the run.

  2. Spruce Meadows sounds like a wonderful game that I would have loved at her age!!

  3. […] We’ve had a busy weekend but not nearly as busy as my buddy Karen. She did a great job on her long run today and she’s doing so much better than I at with her marathon plan. Speaking of plans seems I’ve lost mine. I’d better find it soon or I’ll be lucky if I can run a 10k on race day let alone a marathon. I’m not giving up yet but with the way things are going I am seriously rethinking things and have half way decided to trade down to a half marathon. That’s still a good race and heh, I’d still have energy after. We’ll just have to see how the next few weeks of training go. […]

  4. haha…got anything lite? and with wheels? and a motor? you crack me up, karen. happy be-lated mother’s day!


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