Posted by: Karen | May 11, 2006

Bike Ride

Last night I walked with Soccer Boy to show him the way to a game he had to referee a kilometer away. We walked very briskly, because he was a little late, and then I briskly walked home, to continue the exercise. As I was leaving him at the game, I saw a couple of Police Officers on bicycles cruising out of the community center parking lot and we exchanged friendly hellos.

Once I got home I dug out Olga, my circa 1990s mountain bike for a little jaunt around the neighbourhood. Olga doesn’t even have click gears, she’s so old. I bought her for $30 about 5? years ago from an ad in the Bargain Finder. She’s not light or fast or anything like that, but she never complains and gives me some non-running exercise when I make the time. 

I rode around for a little bit and then stopped to watch the boy finish refereeing the U10 game. Together we walked to his buddy’s place to pick up his bike. I thought he had left his helmet with his bike, so hadn’t brought it with me. It’s illegal in Calgary for minors to ride without a helmet, so I made him wear my uncool one.

On the way home we waved a cheery hello to the two cycling Police Officers again, and I only realized after we’d passed them by that I must have looked like a terrible parent, not wearing my helmet while out riding with my kid. That would explain the quizzical look they gave me while waving hello. It’s ironic that if I hadn’t been a good parent by wearing my helmet in the first place, my kid would have broken the law riding home without one (or had to walk his bike home). Too funny!


  1. heh…i love the bike name.

  2. Perhaps they were wondering where your friend in Pink was, who’s always taking their butt shots…lol.


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