Posted by: Karen | May 9, 2006

Buffalo Beans

Buffalo Beans from my Sunday Run These are buffalo beans. I don’t know what they’re called elsewhere, but here they grow wild on prairie hills in the spring, just as the wild crocuses (a.k.a. prairie wind flowers)?are fading.

?I brought them home from my run a) because I like them, b) they’re resilient travellers, and c) I knew everyone would ask me when I gushed about seeing them, “What’s a buffalo bean?”

My son is very happy I brought them back, so I don’t have to drag him to the hill and show him (lazy teenager…).

Oh, and a BIG THANKS to Dawn, for posting very specific instructions on how to put this picture up the way I want it 🙂



  1. Very nice, Karen. I wonder if Lou Bob knows another name for them.

  2. Very pretty! Looks like they’ll last a few days in water, too!

  3. we have them here too but I’ve never heard anyone call them anything ever. I am going start calling buffalo beans all the time..everywhere I go..start a trend or somethng.

  4. So bizarre! I was sure we had them in Ontario… but according to my googlefest this afternoon, apparently not!


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