Posted by: Karen | May 7, 2006

Hilly 10 Miles

Today I wasn’t sure of what route to take on my long run, but Dawn suggested that I just go run through some neighbourhoods I hadn’t done before, and just enjoy the spring flowers.  My body was still pretty tired from the Police Half last week, but that race wasn’t the end of training, I’m only half way through my marathon plan. Just to let my legs know that, I headed up the hill through Hawkwood and Edgemont. Up, up up and over, all the way to Nose Hill Park.

It felt like forever before I felt like I was doing something other than plodding baby-steps, but somewhere around 30-40 minutes I found my stride. I walked several times in that first half hour, but I’m glad I kept trying to run. By the time I got to the highest elevation in my run at about 9 km, I was quite happy to turn around and bound on home.

 I found some buffalo beans (little yellow flowers that look like snapdragons) and brought some home in a baggie in my running belt. I also saw lots of fuzzy crocuses/prairie wind flowers, but they don’t travel well, so I just left them there and thought of my mom. Mom loves crocuses.

I had 19 km on the calendar, and probably would have covered that if I’d run a flat route. I think the hills definitely make up for 3 missed km. It wasn’t a pretty run from a performance point of view (took me 2:19), but the day was lovely, flowers were blooming, I had the time to get out and experience it and it’s tough to complain about that.

After I got back and had a bath, I made omelettes for the kids and myself. Then we went over to feed Henrik’s cat and I fell asleep on the couch there while the cat purred and Little Runner watched Pocoyo.



  1. Wow, you are sounding like a marathoner! It’s so bizarre how when you first learn to run, the first 6 minutes are the hardest. When you start long distances, it’s the first half hour before you get your running legs.

    Great job Karen!

  2. the first 3km have always been the worst for me. ANd THAT is where i am stuck now.
    GOOD for you! Stopping to smell the roses even!

  3. Sounds like a great time of year up your way. 16 into the diary though – not 19 😉

  4. So, what do you do with Buffalo Beans?

  5. […] It was a challenge to find a decent pace on this run, as I needed something long and hilly, in preparation for the Moose Mountain 16 km I’m doing in two weeks. I’m not brave enough to just go out trail running way out in the bush on my own like Donald, so I opted to climb up and down my hilly suburbs and use whatever dirt paths in hilly doggy parks I could find along the way. I’ve explored this area before, so this time I had a better idea of where some of the meandering alleys and pathways would take me. I still couldn’t re-trace my exact route if you paid me, however. I just meandered eastward and upward towards Nose Hill Park. […]


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