Posted by: Karen | May 5, 2006

May Challenge

I was so busy playing pranks on April Fool?s Day that I neglected to put up an April Challenge. Then later in May I was a little distracted by soccer stuff, hockey playoffs?and a big race. Ah well, one thing I?ve learned from my running training is to forgive myself for dropped opportunities, and make the best of the next ones.This May I challenge you to participate in our virtual 100 x 1 mile relay. I think we can get enough Bloggers and Penguins together to record an awesome virtual race! Sometime in the month of May I want you to run one measured, timed mile and write a post about it. If you have a blog, send me a link to your post, and I?ll add your name and time to the grand tally.Glenn Gabriel of the Toronto Penguins issued this challenge to the Penguin lists a couple of years ago and we had a lot of fun with it. Here are the results of that one. I don?t expect to break any world records, but if you?re interested in reading about other 100 x 1 mile relays, here?s a start.Dawn and I are offering PRIZES for the most interesting write up in each community (eg. Running Blog Family, Penguin, Tri-Blog Alliance, etc.)

We haven?t exactly nailed down firm categories yet, but some suggestions have been:
First 5 miles posted and sent in
Fastest mile
Hottest mile (various meanings of this accepted)
Worst weather mile
Funnest mile
Mountain Goat mile
Pinkest mile
Most beautiful scenery mile
Best Sports Playoff mile
Best Triathlon mile
Best mile in a skirt
etc. etc.

There will be a secret category or two. Please feel free to offer your own prizes (new or re-gifted items welcome) and suggest categories to help make the challenge even more interesting.

Now, go out and run your MILE!






  1. Remind me to do a post sending people to you. Good stuff as always.

  2. Can there be a mile with the best cheer-squad for us injured folk?

  3. Great challenge. I’m already plotting the when and where for my mile.

  4. Cool, now what category to go for? Tempted to go out right now so I can be 1st 😉 Pinkest mile, now who’s up for that? How about the most patriotic by country? My Canada shorts will come in handy!

  5. […] Then we got ready to head out for our run. Today’s run was for a couple or reasons. I just needed to get a run in, she needed to practice and then there was the miles we needed for Karen’s May Challenge. Have you checked out the challenge? Its pretty cool. We’re doing a virtual relay and heh, there’s even prizes. Details are on Karen’s site, so do your mile and let her know you’ve blogged it. […]

  6. So today I might have fulfilled my mile. I await approval or rejection of the unorthodox approach I took.

  7. Ah man!! I remember that!! I ran an 8:57 mile that day. 😦 If I tried hard enough, I might be able to squeeze out an 11:00 one! Great challenge!

  8. Hey Karen, just catching up on a few things today and I realized when I read your post that maybe I just didn’t take your challenge seriously enough as I ran the miles in the USA I did not pay attention too much to the time. I can re-run the miles now as fast as I can go and you can use that instead as my “official” relay entry. I will run it tomorrow, and post the result and theme afterwards. Do you want me to do that in lieu of my three-state and one province runs? I guess I am going to do it anyway and leave it to you to choose which one you want to include as an official entry. How about that?

  9. Hi Karen. I’ve been training for a sub 20 minute 5 K and have a couple of recent ‘timed’ miles to submit. Today, as part of an 8 mile run, my plan called for two miles at race pace. So, I eeeeeeked out two miles in 12:40. Now, if you must have just one mile, I did that on Tuesday, May 15th. I legged out a 6:30 Test Mile. What do I win?

  10. […] The challenge was for us to to participate in our virtual 100 x 1 mile relay so far we have less than 20 miles reported in and its already May 25th. So head on over to Karen’s May Challenge post and let her know ya got it done….sheeeshhhh. Or if you really prefer leave the info in a coment on this post and I will pass it all onto Karen. An update will be posted shortly on Karen’s site. […]

  11. So THIS is the challenge that somehow eluded me! Darn, I didn’t measure and time my Pileated Woodpecker Mile, or my Scarlet Tanager Mile, or my Wild Turkey Mile (that was on the bike, and it was a wild fowl I saw, not what was in my water bottle.) I’ll just have to run another one….

  12. […] So far I’ve recorded 15 miles in our 100 mile relay. Maybe I should have challenged everyone to a virtual marathon relay (26.2 x 1) instead! I also issued this challenge to some of the Penguin yahoogroups.Dawn Henry in CalgaryMay 6, 17:22 Nikayla Dawn’s Granddaughter 17:22 […]

  13. I did 6 this morning, you can have them all or the first one that took me 11:30 minutes to do.

  14. Last Thursday I ran 31 beautiful miles during my first 50K race. Most of them would qualify for the most scenic mile category, a few for the worst weather category, definitely a couple for the mountain goat category and all of them for the funnest miles!


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