Posted by: Karen | May 3, 2006

Rainy Run

Yesterday was a very blustery, cold spring day, and I wasn’t looking forward to running in such strong winds. I showed up at Gord’s anyway, dressed in leggings, my new Police Half long sleeved tech shirt, and my lined windbreaker. Hey, if I can race in nasty weather for over 2.5 hours, I can train in it for a little Tuesday run. It had crossed my mind that I had raced quite a long way two days ago, and maybe I could justify a staying home, but then I remembered that there is less than 10 weeks to my marathon, and I’m only half way through training. On with it, then!

By the time we got going, the wind had died down some, and it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t even need mitts. Dawn and her crew headed out for a 40 minute out and back, and Tim and I made up the back of the regular pack. We kept up a fair pace as I worked out the kinks in my muscles from Sunday’s race. Although my quads had been stiff since the race, they rather enjoyed the run. My calves objected in the first mile, but everything had loosened up nicely by the time we got down to the LRT bridge over the river. I had enough breath to talk, but not much.

As we got to the south, downtown side of the river it started to drizzle a bit. Tim complained that if we were going to have rain, it should really rain, and water the grass, eh? I told Tim to hush. Then rain came down harder. I laughed and looked at Tim, “Is this good enough for you?!” and he said “We-e-e-lllll…” Rain was dripping off my cap and I zipped up my jacket as I picked up the pace. I grinned and told Tim to shut UP.

At least it was rain and not snow. And the wind wasn’t that strong. And I was only out for a short run anyway. We took a short walk break as we headed back up over the Centre Street bridge, and then ran all the way back up to 8th Ave. 41 minutes of decent recovery running. Nice of Tim to stay back with me. I have to admit, the rain smelled lovely.

Dawn and I had talked about having coffee after our run, but neither of us wanted to sit soaking wet in the coffee shop, so we headed home. I realized on the way home that my new Bone Dri tech shirt was already dry where my coat wasn’t touching it, so took off the coat, turned up the heat in the car, and felt much better. The quads complained as I walked back into the house, but they’ll be better tomorrow. I watched American Idol, had a nice, warm bath, and did a little stretching before heading for bed.



  1. You crazy Canadians. I love ya though. Is it only 10 weeks to your marathon? Guess so. Time flies. You’re in great shape for it!!

  2. The snow happened at my house, at about the same time you were discussing the rain… Thanks.

  3. You are so awesome! And here I’m wussing about putting off my run until it gets above 10. I used to run in -40C. My CDN citizenship will be revoked if I don’t get out there!

    Great run!


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