Posted by: Karen | May 1, 2006

Police Half – Post Race

My chip was efficiently removed as I received my medal, and I was handed a water bottle. I walked back a bit and cheered in those coming in after me before heading inside to warm up. I got a bag of food, chatted with some friends. The bow-legged orange hat lady recognized me and asked how I did. I took a bathroom break and headed back outside to cheer in Dawn.

What I found outside shocked me. The race crew was packing up the clock. They were rolling up the chip mats. They?d taken down the whole finish line! Wait a minute; Dawn?s not done yet! I approached one of the race crew and asked if they knew if all the runners had finished. She said ?I think so. I don?t think there?s anyone else.? I found the first-aid crew and asked if they knew of anyone still out on the course. They said they still had two cyclists still out there, so maybe there was someone. This was very frustrating. Had I missed Dawn?s finish? No? Was she okay? Why was everyone so clueless? Last year the sweep team had been radioing in Dawn?s position steadily.

I went back inside to make sure Dawn hadn?t suddenly gotten much speedier than I expected. No Pink Lady. I came back out and told the race crewperson that my friend was still out there. Shouldn?t they know that? One of the first aid crew told me that they?d heard that 3 women were just coming around the college. I asked if one of them was wearing a lot of pink. ?Oh yes.?

I told the race crew again that my friend was still coming. They could have cared less. Some other friends and I spotted a flash of pink heading toward us and we hooted and hollered. The Police Chief came out and joined us. We were standing there with no finish line, no clock, no medal. ?We need a ribbon? someone said, and I remembered the bright yellow garbage bag, still in my pocket. Nadine and I held it between us and Dave snapped Dawn?s finish with my camera.


Yay for Dawn!ย 

After hugs, I went to the crew trailer, asked for a medal, and bestowed it on Dawn. We went inside and the food was all packed up, but volunteers scrounged up some for Dawn and the 2 other ladies still walking in.

What a long day. By the time I?d dropped off Dawn, picked up my munchkins from separate sleepovers, and bought some drive-thru A&W onion rings (my personal reward), I was wiped out. After a bath and short nap I recovered enough to help Little Runner with her science project poster and grill up some pork tenderloin for supper. I’m a little stiff today, but I’ll be more limber tomorrow.



  1. What a wonderful gesture to make sure Dawn’s finish meant something, if not something to the race organizers. That’s crazy that they shut down without knowing for sure everyone had come in!

  2. Well, that sucks. Sorry, Karen, and sorry, Dawn. I hope you send this along to the race director and whatever club/organization sponsored the race.

  3. They had a CHIP race and didn’t know they were missing three participants? Can’t they tell from the CHIPS that all the starters haven’t finished yet?
    But at least you were there to make it a finish line for her! ๐Ÿ™‚

    (A&W onion rings are THE BEST.)

  4. First off… huge congrats on your race! How wonderful that you not only reeled in ponytail girl, but you that-day-race buddies, passing 4 more people too! Outstanding.

    What a great friend you are to cheer in Dawn and ensure she had a proper finish. I’m so discouraged that with 3 people left on the course (it’s not like she was hours behind you all!) that they wouldn’t try to do something to reward her… even having someone with medals waiting while you set up your impromptu finish line.

    You’re both great kids ๐Ÿ™‚ With kids ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. what an awesome friend you are…


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