Posted by: Karen | April 29, 2006

Science Project

I am convinced that take-home science fair assignments for Grade 5 students are designed as torture sessions for parents. I back this up with the highly deficient set of instructions for constructing your own flashlight, sent home with my child. The instructions which state in the required materials, a homemade “battery pad (see page 8 )”. We did not receive page 8. The project is due Tuesday. I asked 3 days ago in Katie’s notebook to the teachers: Can we please have page 8? What is a battery pad?

No answer from the teachers, who initialled my note.

I/we made one anyway. The fiddliness of the lightbulb that won’t stay in place is driving me insane, but at least I have a picture that it did, at one point, work.

Unadorned It really does work

Now that my our homework is done, I can shower and go off to the Tech Shop to pick up my race package for tomorrow.



  1. Have a great race tomorrow!


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