Posted by: Karen | April 27, 2006

Tired Tuesday

Monday night I curled up in a hoodie, a fleece blanket and a lawn chair, and shivered while I watched my son referee a soccer game for his very first time. He did very well at not laughing at the U10 girls, and only had to call one handball. I felt totally wiped after that, and my ears ached from the chilly wind which had been whipping through my head.

I’ve been kind of tired this week, which is good in a way, because I’m kind of tapering for the Police Half this Sunday, and am able to rest. It’s not good in another way, because I feel like I’m fighting something, and I don’t want to be sick for the race! So I’m sucking on zinc/echinacea/C lozenges and hitting the sack early. Heck, I haven’t even stayed up to see the end of the Flames play-off games!

I did get in a solid, hilly run with Krista on Tuesday night. We ran east from Gord’s on 8th Avenue, down into Bridgeland and then up up up back out of it. We ran pretty much the whole incline up, and then towards the end did a block or so of fartlek-type speed. My legs didn’t hurt or anything, but I just felt tired and out of breath during the whole run. My tummy wasn’t really thrilled with me either, so I was glad we kept the run short, to under 40 minutes.

I should be out running tonight, too, but I’ll do that tomorrow, instead. I’m only at home right now because we haven’t been able to find Soccer Boy’s first game of the spring season. I’m hoping that the other team members were able to find the field, because we couldn’t!



  1. Hope the rest of the week gets better. Sleep well and keep well!

  2. You must be so proud of your son. Sounds like he’s doing a great job. Take care of yourself!!! Keep those germs at bay. Good luck on the half marathon.

  3. Keep fighting that cold – it’s all about the vitamins! (Oh, and the sleep too…)


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