Posted by: Karen | April 22, 2006

Snowy Short One

Earlier this week the weather was summery, but this morning I faced flurries as I headed out the door. I had planned to meet Sylvie for a nice short run this morning downtown at 8 a.m., and I’m not one to let a little fluffy moisture stop me. Since we would be running for less than an hour (easy peasy!) I didn’t even bother with breakfast or anti-chafing measures. I just bandaged my bubblefoot and away I went. According to Sylvie’s pedometer we went somewhere between 7 and 8 km and according to my watch I ran for 55 minutes.

We had a great chat while we ran, yet I don’t feel like we were going slowly. We talked about family, work, consistency in running, bla bla bla. It was kind of wet out down by the river, but not unbearable by any means. My glasses got all wet, because even though I wore a hat, the wind blew snowflakes onto my face. You can’t even see the snow much in this snap I took of the Curling Club Stairs (which I did not travel today).

Curling Club Stairs

Later when I was driving home, the weather got much wetter the further north and west I went. The snow was beginning to accumulate.

View out the windshield

Here is a photo of our neighbour’s Calgary Flames tribute. It was lit up last night in honour of the first playoff game. Go Flames Go!

I took this picture after coming home today Go Flames Go!

I made it home just as Hubby and Son were emerging from bed (Little Mermaid was up before I left).



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