Posted by: Karen | April 21, 2006

Bubblefoot Hills

I got a silly blister last Friday on my long run. It’s right at the top of the inside of my arch on my right foot. Since I run about every other day, the bubble flattens out on the days I don’t run and by time I’m ready to run again it looks like it’s all healed up. It’s not, because it bubbles back up again when I run. Last night I put a bandage on it, even though it looked FINE, and lo and behold, it bubbled up again anyway. At least it didn’t bubble up as much as when I don’t bandage it. I’m not popping it – it isn’t infected or painful. It has lots of time to heal before my next long run (the Police Half is in 9 sleeps, people!).

Last night I donned my Calgary Roadrunner shorts under a Catch the Elves cotton t-shirt and headed out to my 2-minute hill, which is about a mile away. It was kind of warm for cotton, about 20C/68F, but I know that if I do some sweating in the sunshine now, I’ll do better later on when it gets warmer.

I ran my hill 6 times and experimented with different efforts/speeds. I ascended the first 3 times with a fairly hard effort on the sidewalk, arms a-pumping, careful attention to which muscles I was using to propel myself. I felt my breath becoming more laboured towards the top each time. I descended the hill as fast as I could on the grass beside the sidewalk as much as possible to minimize impact, and also to keep my trail training up (no looking away from the course!). On the fourth ascent I ran up on the grass too, because the more I think about trails, the more I like ’em.

I did the 5th and 6th ascents on the sidewalk again, because the Police Half hill is paved, and I felt I needed to work on hard-surface ascent form. I did the 6th one painstakingly slowly, not because I was tired (I was, but I could have gone faster), but because I anticipate going pretty darn slowly up the Weaselhead hill on April 30th, and I wondered if I could run up slowly without stopping. Hills are all about mind games, eh?

Do I want to run all the way up the big hill in my Half without walking? Should I? Will running up the hill mess me up for the rest of my race/marathon training? I don’t know if it’s a reasonable goal to set for this race or not. Maybe I should go visit the hill this weekend and think about it some more.

I made it back in under 52 minutes, just in time to watch Survivor: Exile Island. It was kind of a sad show, with Bruce having to be taken out for medical reasons, but it sets the stage for an awesome power struggle next week. Will Shane and Courtney develop a bitter bond over their experience with Bruce, and being rejected by Cirie? Will they EVER vote Shane off? Will Terry make it to the final 4? 3? 2? Maybe Shane will win the car in the final five reward challenge and be cursed by it…



  1. you know my answer, karen.

    run the hill. =)


    What are you saving the fluid for, Christmas?

  3. Hills are such a tough choice for me in a race. If its at the beginning, I have tons of energy and want to race right up it. But then I burn out too fast. Near the end, I say go for it, but then I may not have the energy. I say set a goal pace on the hill that may be slightly slower than your race pace.

    And Nancy is so gross. Eeeew!

  4. Bruce was the one guy from that clique that I actually liked. Now I’m hoping Terry kicks all their butts.

  5. Yup, pin pop it, but leave the layer. Otherwise, you won’t walk for a week.

    I must learn to read… My first thought – I want a ‘Catch the Elvis’ shirt! Thought that would be a great race… a bunch of Elvises. Elvisi?

    You’re so ready to run that hill. Go for it.

  6. I run them, but I run them slower. And I breathe really deeply! Good luck with the half!

  7. They’re right….little pin hole to drain and leave the skin. That plus those blister bandaids worked great for me. I’ll put some in my bag to bring on Tuesday, if you still need them.

    PS – Shane must go!!!!!


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