Posted by: Karen | April 19, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

Definitely go visit the Blogfather for more details on the Running Skirt Challenge! What a hoot!

I’ve been kind of hoping I could get Aaron and Markto run the Camrose-Wetaskiwin relay with me (maybe even with one of them in a skirt), but Aaron’s triathlon is that day, and Mark’s already committed to being there with him. It has also come to attention that my buddy and coach Dianne is also competing in her first triathlon of the season that day, in a town on my way home from up north.

Since I’m up in the area that weekend and still need to get in a 20 km run, I’m torn as to what to do:
a) Keep looking for relay racers to join me in running the relay on Sunday
b) Run Saturday and cheer Aaron on Sunday (I’ve never met Aaron – that would be neat)
d) Run nearby short loops while cheering on Aaron (multitasking; timing could be tricky)
c) Run Saturday and cheer Dianne on Sunday (no running nearby there, the kids would be with me then)
d) Oh for Pete’s sake, just run where/when I can, go to the wedding, visit with Mom, and come home.

ORN: Last night Krista and I got out for a run along the river towards the zoo. I was feeling absolutely amazing, but Krista got a persistent stitch towards the turnaround and we took it a little slower.

If we had been west of Centre street I might have done some 60/60s and looped back, but the park near the zoo and the pathway past the “Homeless Hilton” (east of Centre) where we were was not a place where women should be running alone. It was a lovely, sunny evening at about 10C/50F, so there were lots of folks out and about. Krista’s stitch went away when she walked and hurt when she ran, yet she still managed to bravely keep running when we went past groups of interesting characters.

Once we got back to Centre Street I ran all the way up it and Krista wasn’t far behind. It was actually a good thing that we hadn’t pushed the workout so much, as my recurring arch blister (which always seems healed? but apparently isn’t) came back yet again. I’ll be bandaging it for my Thursday run, I guess.

12 Days until the Police Half!



  1. It’s fun to have fun with Mark.

  2. Hello!!! Thanks for the stop by on the blog! Yep! Your right a nice cold blast of wind towards th eend of your run when your heated makes you feel great!! Talk with you soon!! Vaughn

  3. I’d do the relay with you but I’m photographing a wedding that weekend.

  4. What is it wedding season or what? First you, now Linda, sheeeshhh. Don’t these guys know we have to run…lol.

  5. I miss relays! How fun. I hope it all works out.

  6. Go for the multi tasking! It would be fun to try and co-ordinate…


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