Posted by: Karen | April 16, 2006

Chocolate for Breakfast

Early this morning Hubby was in the shower, and I was trying to catch a few more winks by having Little Runner snuggle in with me. Nothing doing – she knew there was chocolate to be had and squirmed too much. I told her to calm down, to relax. She joyfully insisted “I AM RELAXED!” and the egg hunt was on.

Maybe it was that pint of strawberries I had for supper last night, or it could have been the two cups of coffee I had with stolen shards of Kindersurprise and a hot cross bun this morning. Who knows, but by noon today I was most definitely ready to run! I did a couple of 5k loops around the neighbourhood in shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt. At 10C/50F it was borderline shorts/leggings weather, but I decided the sunshine justified the shorts. There was a chilly breeze that made me wonder at first if I should’ve gone for the leggings, but once I warmed up I was fine.

The blister on the inside of my right instep seemed pretty much gone when I took away the bandaid this morning, so I left uncovered for the run. Halfway into the second loop I realized that it wasn’t fine, and stuck on a bandaid I’d stashed in the key pocket of my shorts. Lovely. Now I have two nickel-sized blisters together. They don’t hurt. I hardly feel them, except for a tightness of skin. If they don’t become red or painful I’ll probably leave them as they are.

We went to the in-laws for lamb and that salad I made yesterday turned out pretty good. I came home with an extra slice of poppy seed cake. Good thing I got in my run today!


  1. Ya gotta try those Blister Bandaids. They work like a charm!

  2. I love poppy seed cake!! Mmmmmm….

  3. Hi again from Montana!! Thanks for the comment. Yes, I do find that when weather fronts blow in the barometric pressure causes issues for me!!! I hope you get your kid on the bike!!! Talk with you soon!!! Vaughn


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