Posted by: Karen | April 12, 2006

Penguin Possibilities

Photo by The Calgary Zoo recently announced a HUGE new exhibit to be built by 2010, involving an arctic environment with Polar Bears, seals and maybe even some beluga whales. The Zoo learned a lot about how NOT to house Polar Bears back in the ’90s, and is hoping to make this environment a happier place for the animals. The exhibit announcement is stirring up some controversy with animal rights folks. The Zoo is even planning on adding in an Antarctic spin on it, by hosting PENGUINS, as well. I wonder if the Penguin exhibit will be like this one in Bristol, or this one, in Malaysia?

Monday XT: Got out for a 25 minute brisk walk between transporting a kid to and fro and folding laundry.

Tuesday ORN: Ran from Gord’s down Centre St. and along the river to 14th St. at a fair clip with Krista. By 10th St. we were at Tempo pace and the only way for me to keep up was to shut up and run. Krista loves it when she can get me going fast enough to shut up.

We walked across the bridge to the north side of the river and then did 60 second on/off sprints back to Princes Island. The first 60 second sprint my legs didn’t get it – I couldn’t get them to go fast. After that they caught on, and by Princes Island I was flying!

Then, just for fun, I ran all the way up the Curling Club hill while Krista did the stairs. It is amazing what tiny steps I took on the way up, and that I still managed to think of it as “running”. My legs were very confused – first I asked for tempo, then sprints, then a HILL, too? Hey, the Police Half this month has hills, and I have to just “get over it”!



  1. It looks like that one penguin just pushed the other one.

  2. Believe it or not, we have penguins at our Monterey Bay Aquarium. Apparently there’s a species of South African penguin that lives at approximately the same latitude south of the equator as Montery is north. I don’t think we’ll ever have polar bears, though.

  3. “ I have located between 30 and 40 surplus penguins from different countries.”

    I always wondered where they got the surplus ones from. The Artic/Polar surplus store?

    And you know, running up the hill with tiny steps really works well. I think that’s probably the most efficient way to do it, otherwise you can really overeach with your legs and end up trying to pull yourself up the hill with your hamstrings.

  4. Here a thought, have an exhibit for the animal rights folks where they are the food for the hungry polar bears, that should work, hehe!

  5. Okay – this looks like – 85 days to go huh? All the best Karen – enjoy the journey!


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