Posted by: Karen | April 8, 2006

Long Run by the River

After dropping off my son at a soccer referee training course, I quickly popped into a Running Room store to pick up some gels on my way downtown. I ran about 18 ish km using the same loops that Sylvie and I did together last week. As I was heading east towards 14th Street, Nancy caught up with me and did about half a loop with me. We had a nice conversation and then I was on my own again for the last hour or so. I ran 10 minutes and walked one, occasionally extending a walk break to eat my gel or a cookie, and skipping one occasionally to make up for it.

There were some geese settling in along the river, and I saw a pair of ducks as well. Lots and lots of exercisers of all kinds were out moving and grooving.

I felt pretty good through the whole time, and am not dreading next week’s 20 km run at all. Sure I’m a little creaky now that I’m done, but I’ll recover soon enough. No blisters, no sore feet (2nd long run in the new shoes), very little chafing. If I do the Police Half on April 30th at this pace, I should finish in about 2:40ish. I might do it faster (I’ll be racing), I might do it slower (today’s run was flat, there’s hills in the Police Half), but I’m quite happy with my effort today. I will keep up the hill training over the next month!

Tonight I’m off to volunteer at a new Calgary Roadrunners Race, the Runny Nose & Frozen Toes 6k. I’m looking forward to it!



  1. Is it just me or do the Canadians have the best names for races? Runny Nose and Frozen Toes. ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. Great job Karen! Good for you volunteering after your long run! Way to represent!

  3. yay for good long runs! and i echo jon, you guys have the best names for your races.

  4. Good job Karen.
    Of course we have the best names for races! Duh..those americans have NO creativity!


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