Posted by: Karen | April 7, 2006

Missed Serendipity, Hills in the Mist

Yesterday it rained off and on, but by supper time there was just a pretty, foggy mist hanging around. I ran out the door and hightailed it to the corner store to meet my new running buddy, I’ll call her Serendipity. Apparently she couldn’t make it, because I was only 1 minute late, and hug around for the next 9. It felt kinda weird, loitering around outside as folks came and went, and I thought up all sorts of reasons why she wouldn’t come.

1. She’s shy.
2. She’s forgetful.
3. I’m forgetful? I got the wrong time?
4. Her work shift changed, or she had a prior engagement she’d forgotten.
5. She’s not feeling well tonight, or she injured herself.
6. She thinks I might be a psycho laying a trap for her.
7. She’s a psycho laying a trap for me.
(this made me surreptitiously size up everyone coming and going from the store)
8. She’s not an innocent neighbourhood runner after all, she’s a spy, or in the Secret Service. (I’ve obviously been watching too many suspense-thrillers)

Well, she could at least have e-mailed me, or commented on the blog. After all I told her about my blog, and how to find it…
oh no!
What if … (oh horrors) what if she doesn’t have internet access! I might have lost her forever!

Oh well. I still had a run to do, so I ran up and down my 2 minute hill 6 times before taking a nice, long cool down jog home. The 2 minute hill took me more like 2.5 minutes each time, but I got ’em done. It was kind of nice to be doing the hills in daylight.



  1. bummer! hopefully you’ll bump into her again soon.

    i just reconnected yesterday with two of the folks i used to chat with when i’d run back bay. it was really exciting!

  2. how rude.
    Clearly you are far too good for her.

  3. lol…lol…lol. See I would never do that to you.

  4. Gee, Karen, are you sure she really existed at all? I mean, just how tired were you that day you met? 🙂

  5. Oh no! I’m sure she has a good reason, runner’s aren’t rude people! I hope your paths cross again!

  6. Maybe she reads your blog and knows you are KRAZEEE. ya think?


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