Posted by: Karen | April 6, 2006

Rain and Flames

Tuesday night we were threatened with rain, but it didn’t happen and we had a nice, dry run east of Centre Street. Krista set a blistering pace right from the get-go and led the whole way. I ran with Tim for a while, then Sylvie and another friend who ran with us at the Oval a few times this winter. We went east along the river pathway, up and over the Bridgeland train station, and then north, up through the neighbourhood and UP UP UP to 7th Avenue and back to the store. I almost caught up to Krista by Edmonton Trail, but the light turned and I felt a dire need to breathe rather than run through it. We didn’t go very far, but the big hill and trying to keep Krista in sight made it a good tempo run.

Yesterday it RAINED. Not a ton, but the smell of it was wonderful – so different from snow. I ended up baking the evening away instead of dragging the kids out for a walk. Probably should’ve walked, but am very satisfied with the 3 banana loaves and 1 batch of orange chocolate chip muffins I produced instead. I’ll get out tonight, rain or shine.

Shortly after the Flames vs Coyotes hockey game started I tucked Little Runner into bed and the Boy and I watched the game together while waiting for the Man to come home from his late shift. The Boy isn’t really allowed to watch t.v. on weekdays, but I consider hockey-watching a part of Canadian culture that should be encouraged. Despite the Flames excellent playing, I still could barely keep my eyes open until 10, so tucked myself into bed for the 3rd period and read about it this morning.



  1. That first rain in spring when there’s grass exposed smells a certain way doesn’t it? Maybe its the dirt or something. It reminds me of springtime at college for some reason.

  2. I want it to rain here! I’m sick of this snow! high tomorrow is 2 degrees!
    Today was 12 ….GORGEOUS


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