Posted by: Karen | April 1, 2006

Oh Dear




  1. Oh my! What happened, details, I need details, is this your leg, I sure hope not!

  2. I sure hope you’re celebrating a certain holiday, because it’s way, way too early for Halloween.

  3. […] I might not be the only one with a problem. Have you been over to my running partner, Karen’s site this morning? What’s that all about???? […]

  4. Oh dear. Rough trails in Canada.

  5. […] I bit! Both Jon and Pammalamdingdong then Karen got me RIGHT after I clicked the comment button. The chocolate one and the frosted one got me last year too but I was way to shy to comment then. Note to self, DON”T EVEN THINK ABOUT COMMENTING ON APRIL 1st!!!!!!!! […]

  6. Wowo, you guys are serious about April fool’s day!

  7. I COMPLETELY forgot about about April Fool’s Day.


    Guess I can’t play tricks until NEXT year. IF I remember.

  8. haha…i’m reading through bloglines and didn’t see the date. hehe…i was scouring your more recent posts looking for an explanation! you booger!


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