Posted by: Karen | April 1, 2006

Did I Getcha?

Just for a second? Because if I made you do a double take or even smile at my attempt, I’ll take it.

I rarely ever play jokes on April Fool’s – I can never think of something that would be good enough, and then I can never keep a straight face. I figured a picture would do for here on the blog.

I did manage to keep a straight face long enough this morning, though. I had arranged to meet a couple of running buddies at 8 a.m. for a long run, and showed up wearing a borrowed air cast. Nancy and Sylvie were very good sports about the whole thing. Nancy arrived first and didn’t know what to say, but I couldn’t keep from laughing, and she caught on pretty quick. When Sylvie got there and saw my crutches and cast, she was sooo sweetly empathetic. “18 k is going to be a little harder for you today, eh? What happened?!” Nancy and I looked at each other, I looked at my watch and decided that lying for one minute was all I could do. April Fool’s! Sylvie nearly pushed me off the bench. Then we had a good laugh, I took my props back to the car (I’m HEALED!) and we went running.

I thought Sylvie might make me pay for my shenanigan by pushing the pace, but she sweetly trotted alongside and we chatted away.

Forgiving Friends Feeling GREAT - Really!

After the first 10ish km Nancy took our coats and headed into the Y to clean up and visit the sauna while Sylvie and I did another 8 km. Joanne met up with us by starting later and running our loop counter-clockwise (we told her we’d be running clockwise), and kept us company for the last 35 minutes or so. We had fun telling her about all the excitement she’d missed, and now I don’t know if she can trust us.
Getting to know us nuts.

Nancy met up with us after we finished, right on schedule, and we headed over to the Good Earth Cafe for brunch. I had a great run, laughed a lot, and didn’t ache very much at all towards the end. I did feel like I had been working, but it was very manageable.



  1. I like these pictures better than the one in the last post. 🙂

  2. Ok, I fess up, you ‘got’ me. It was “Oh, no! Poor girl what happened” but then I’m an easy target. A friend sent me an email with the header ‘Boston marathon cancelled’ and they got me on that hook-line-and-sinker 😉 I like your posts and all the nice pics. Good running!

  3. Hilarious!

  4. […] I took one last walk break before the hill, and then started up. As I turned the corner in the bottom third of the hill I heard voices calling my name and lo and behold, a whole load of friends had come out to cheer me on up. Kris and her hubby were there, as well as Nancy, Yolanda, Derek, Paul and Linda. The group was a little ways from the top, and as I ran by them I told them “Hugs at the TOP!” and they all came up with me. I hugged Linda, my broken/healing running buddy first, as she was already at the top, and then just about everyone else too. As I tried to hug Paul last, he pulled away and made me run for it – what a joker. Then he jogged with me a short way with some encouraging advice. I had a little over 5 km to go now. […]


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