Posted by: Karen | March 27, 2006

More Later

I was away for the weekend at a wedding, and it looks like I missed a bunch of fun at home, too. My trip up north was worth it, though. I’ve been to lots of Cross Country banquets, but family weddings don’t happen so often. I had a great time staying up ’til midnight, catching up with the rellies, and even got in a solid two hour run.

I’ll post more on the weekend later – I’m heading in to work a little early today.



  1. You were missed. So what did you have in mind for this weekend?

  2. Hi Karen

    Really enjoy reading your blogs, so thanks for writing them (you have a lovely way with words).

    Anyway, thought I’d come out of lurk mode to ask a question. During the Winter Olympics, you were all over them, you followed the athletes with great passion and gusto, however now that the Commonwealth Games have finished, they haven’t even rated one word from you – why is that? Didn’t you get any coverage? Canada finished 3rd overall with 86 medals in total, 26 which were Gold. I think that’s a marvellous achievement and all your athletes did soo well. I realise that it’s not the Olympics and while some of the countries participating aren’t up to Olympic standard – many other countries competing certainly are of Olympic standard.

    Just wondering? That’s it really – going back into lurk mode again.

    Thanks again for your very entertaining blogs, I look forward to reading them every day.


  3. Jeanie has a very good point there. I did get to watch a few highlights of the Commonwealth Games, but a) there wasn’t as much hype about them here as there were for the Olympics, b) for me, the C-Games were kind of overshadowed by the World Speedskating Cup that weekend, and c) this last week I just didn’t have much time with my buddy the remote control as I did during Olympic week.

    I think the C-games deserve mention, though, so perhaps I’ll do a review.


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