Posted by: Karen | March 19, 2006

16 Weeks To Go

Somehow this weekend I had time to spare. Maybe I should have cleaned the bathroom or something, but instead I sat down with some marathon plans and figured out my long run schedule for the next 16 weeks. I think I will use this Furman plan, with a few modifications. Like maybe skipping all those nasty long runs over 20 km.

Hah. Just kidding!

I wrote the run details on my calendar, along with how many weeks to go, so I’ll need to plan my life (and my family’s) around them. I probably won’t be able to accomplish all of the Tuesday speedwork recommended, but I will attempt as much as my Tuesday night runs allow. It doesn’t mention anything about hills on Thursdays, but I consider a few hills the same as a tempo run. Any comments there?

I’ll also need to figure out some feasible cross training, as although this program is easy on the distance per week, it does strongly recommend that the athlete (that’s me) take the cross training seriously. I can see me riding my bike to and from work on non-run days once the snow quits coming down, but for the next month or so I think I’m going to be taking some brisk evening or morning walks.



  1. I guess I should find a real plan and write it down. Do chores count as cross training?


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