Posted by: Karen | March 10, 2006

Esrever Ni

Yesterday it snowed again. Even though we’d had a few warmer days at the beginning of the week, there’s still a lot of snow and now-re-frozen slush around. Thankfully yesterday’s snow was dry skinny stuff that just blew away, so it didn’t make already-cleaned walkways treacherous. A strong breeze made it look nasty out, but it was barely below freezing, so I was just fine once I got my feet out there running.

My legs don’t particularly like Thursdays, for some reason, so I thought I’d jazz up the route a bit last night by running the 6 km loop in reverse. Does that count for the March Challenge? I’ve had a tendency to walk up the last incline leading towards my crescent on runs around home lately, which means essentially walking the last km home. I thwarted that tendency last night by running down that hill first!

Ha ha! I’m so smart. Or at least so I thought, until I reached the really big hill to the east of my community. The long, gentle slope that I always enjoy running down, because it feels like I can run downanddownanddown forever… Except last night I had to run UP it, for 10 long minutes that felt like half an hour. And run up it I did, because I’d only hit it at 5 minutes into my run, and had no excuses about cooling down or being tired or anything. Serves me right for being a slug last weekend. Thankfully this hill has several turns in it, and I was able to tell myself “just to that corner, Karen”, okay, just to that truck. One more corner… I was breathing pretty heavily by the time I got up to the top, and my calves were screaming, but it felt good to conquer it.

I gave myself a wee walking break at the top as a reward, and then the rest of the run (mostly flat with only one more little knoll) wasn’t so hard after that.

I’ve got the backs of my legs all stretched out and ready for tomorrow’s cross country race. Now all I have to do is bake something for the dessert table and make a big pot of soup to bring. What do you think, cheddar corn cowder, anyone?



  1. I came up with a name for my soup “AlphaBeefy”. I started it on Wednesday so the flavor should be good and strong for me to finish it off tonight.Yummy. I posted our race in the RBF events. See you in the AM.

  2. Mmmmm. Cheddar corn chowder sounds great! Good luck in the race, Karen.

    And I had to laugh reading this line:
    “My legs don’t particularly like Thursdays…”


  3. We’ve had about a week of our “Canada weather” – cold, rainy air coming from the Great White North – and I’m already sick of it. Can’t it just be spring already?

  4. ummm, chowder. Good luck on your race!


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