Posted by: Karen | March 8, 2006

Blogs Overboard!

Last week was super busy, and when I finally got to the computer to blog about it, the Complete Running site, my host, had been attacked. My first reaction was to run to my friends blogs and shout BLOGS OVERBOARD! HELP! but then I recovered and got on with yet another busy week. Thanks so much to Mark and Aaron for all their hard work in getting our blogs back up and running (pun intended)!

Last Thursday it was still very snowy out, and I knew the Olympic Oval’s running track would be shutting down soon, so I went and ran 4 sets of stairs there with the Roadrunners. I think it was 4. By the time I’d done half an hour of stairs I couldn’t remember anymore. All I knew is that the time I did 5 sets of stairs it took more recovery than I liked, so I didn’t mind cutting it short this time.

This weekend I was a lazy slug yet againand did no running. at all. No snowshoeing, no tobogganing, nothing. Didn’t even make a snowman. Total, lazy slug. Can’t do that anymore, not with a Half coming up at the end of April, and a Full in July. This weekend? I’m running the last XC and then after that the Marathon training begins in earnest.



  1. So good to be back, eh!

  2. I was surprised to see the blogs were missing the other day. I’m glad that everyone is back online!


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