Posted by: Karen | March 8, 2006

Back to Gord’s

Last night the Oval’s running track was closed, so we Penguins headed back to Gord’s Running Store to run outside. I’d had so much fun running with Tanya at the Oval that I invited her to join us at Gord’s, and she seemed to rather enjoy dragging me along on the 45-minute route. She even brought a faster friend with a friendly, enthusiastic dog, and we had fun hanging out together.

We went east towards the 10th St. train, down a very slushy hill beside it, and then down across and along the river back west to the Centre St. bridge. The river pathways were clear and dry, and much easier to run on than the icy streets up in Crescent Heights. It was nice to be back running along the river, but I realized how little I’ve run on concrete lately, and it felt really hard under my feet. It’s probably time for new shoes again.

Towards the end I was directing Tanya and Brian up the last hill on Centre Street, just 2 blocks from the store, and they said “Let’s do these stairs instead!”.

Nonono. Easy, little hill. 2 blocks from my car. That must be 70+ stairs there. No stairs.

“We just want to see where they go. Let’s do the STAIRS!”

Who invited these nutsos along, anyway? I already know where those stairs go.

Somehow they talked me into running all the way up (yup, I didn’t even walk ’em) and it wasn’t so bad after all. We still got back to the store by 8:00, just like I’d meant to.

I enjoyed chatting with Dawn on the way home – I’d been missing her the last few weeks of Tuesdays.



  1. Do those stairs get icy this time of year? I’d be terrified of breaking my neck on the way down.

  2. If I ran up that many stairs I’d probably be dead now.


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