Posted by: Karen | February 28, 2006

Missing: One Race Report

It’s in here somewhere, my brain and fingers just haven’t gotten together long enough at my keyboard yet. Life is busy, and that’s good in general, just not for race reports. Or for raving over how many fantastic Winter Olympic heroes have inspired Little Runner and me (coming soon).

I’ll attempt a short summary of my effort at Saturday’s Weaselhead XC at least:
Snow on a roller coaster course.
Ran hard, struggled lots.
BEAUTY kept me going. Well that, and
a couple of human rabbits ahead.
Almost caught one at the end.

Official results and pictures here.
Dawn’s got a great report and pictures too!

Obligatory Training Note: Had to run last night because tonight we’re going to the Flames game. Woohoo! My legs (calves in particular) were very, very unhappy about the running part, and told me that yes, I had run very, very hard on Saturday. I’ll try to work out those kinks in my calves tonight on the Saddledome stairs.



  1. Now my links are going all screwy. No time to fix, no time…

  2. Beauty? You mean on the trails? Or the runners?

    Ok, now I have to wait until AFTER the game to get the report.


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