Posted by: Karen | February 21, 2006

Snowshoe Sunday Again

I never did get my long run in. Hubby worked on Saturday and I did stuff around the house and took Little Runner grocery shopping. I had hoped to run after Hubby got off his early shift, but had developed a nasty headache by then, and opted for a nap instead.

Sunday we drove out to the mountains for a couple of hours of snowshoeing and it was beautiful out. It was a little colder this time than last time, but there was more snow. The deep snow was well packed and it was sugary on top, so it was great for bushwacking. We didn’t find a log to sit on for our snack break, so I laid back in the snow, put up my feet, and enjoyed the view.

Off we go

Love that sunshine!

We meandered through the trees quite a bit at first and only followed beside the groomed cross country ski trails on the way back in.

We met up with a couple who were snowshoeing ON the groomed ski tracks and tried to tell them how they were ruining the tracks for the skiers. How do you say that nicely? “Good afternoon! Isn’t the sunshine wonderful today? Do you know you’re wrecking the ski trails? and giving us snowshoers a bad name? Well, have a lovely day!” They stayed on the ski trail and continued to ruin it. Please, if you go snowshoeing? Stay off the ski trails.



  1. Snowshoeing looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Uh oh! Sounds like you have that nice business down to a science, hehe! When someone is being inconsiderate or rude and yes even sometimes downright stupid they need to be told, sometimes not in a nice way, ask the retired Navy guy, he can curl your toes with some of the things that come out of… Run Good!


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