Posted by: Karen | February 21, 2006

I LIKE the Track

Jeff’s not the only one who raves on and on about the track, I’ve decided like track workouts way better than running hills. Tonight I showed up with the Calgary Roadrunners and we did a workout similar to the first one we did in January, called 1200m Down. That first time I was just recovering from a cold, so I took it easy. This time I did almost all but the 1200m distance, so I guess you could call my workout tonight “1000 Down”.

Here’s my numbers, for anyone who cares:
1000m – 5:26 (Glad that’s done. I didn’t lose sight of Sylvie this time)
2 minute rest
800m – 4:02 (Respectable 800 time for me)
It took me 3 minutes to drink and walk to the 600m mark.
600m – 3:0something (Dang it, can’t remember how to recall the splits on my watch.)
2 minute rest
400m – 1:54 (Woohoo! Not bad after those first 3 distances)
Another 3 minutes to get to the 200m mark
200m – 55 seconds (Is this fun or what!)
2 minute break, as we located the 100m marker
100m – 22 seconds (Wheeeeeeeeee!)

Between the warm-up and cool-down it took us 30 minutes of speed work. It was FUN running harder and harder, knowing that I only needed to do it for shorter and shorter distances. My legs really didn’t want to do the cool-down. They’d been so excited about pumping all that adrenaline to do the fast stuff, that running slow just wasn’t fun anymore. My brain told my legs to shut up and run so they did it anyway.

On a totally different note, and as reward for making it this far in my track-raving, I encourage you to go visit Check Point Zero and read about one of my favourite Roadrunners, Mike Melnick and the Alberta Adventure Racing Team, who just scooped second in the Patagonia Expedition Race. Way to go, Mike!



  1. Nice job on the workout. I’ve become a track junkie too — can’t seem to get enough of ’em.

  2. woohoo! another convert! i’ll tell ya, those track workouts, while hard, will really result in awesome speed gains. i bet you break your hour 10k easily this spring.

  3. I’m with Jeff – the track is where faster runners are made. Just remember to pace yourself.

  4. Don’t you get dizzy going around and around and around????????

  5. How to recall splits:

    While in Chrono mode:
    First, store the session by holding the stop/reset button. Then hit the recall button: keep pressing it until you get the info you are looking for. The stop/reset button also clears the memory.

    You’re welcome…


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