Posted by: Karen | February 17, 2006

Stairs and Duff Update

Last night I took Little Runner to the Olympic Oval for me to do laps and stairs and for her to hang out. I remember being a “rink rat” when my dad and brothers used to play hockey and maybe hanging out at the Oval will make some interesting childhood memories for my daughter, too. I got there a little early, to install her in the bleachers with some toys and snacks, and lo and behold, other children her age were there, too. She had lots of fun playing with a couple of girls and high-fiving runners over the railings as they went by.

There weren’t many runners out last night, which I thought was kind of odd. The only other Roadrunner I recognized was Ed Bickley, and he’s never been more than merely polite towards me. He was obviously there to train with some fast runners. I did remember later that the Roadrunners’ club night at the Key West restaurant was tonight, but shook my head. No way would I have gone to run outside in -20sC over being able to run inside. I also figured that maybe some folks just didn’t want to go outside long enough to even come to the Oval. Oh well, I know how to train on my own.

I started my 4 lap warm up, high-fiving Little Runner after each lap, and then proceeded to do 5 sets of stairs. On the second time I barely had the presence of mind to count them. Counting only the stairs I went UP, I did 215 per set. These were not 215 stairs in a row, thankfully. These stairs were in the cement bleachers, and started out in small groups of 5 and at the highest parts in the middle rose to 22 in a row. I got to share the stairs with a ski conditioning group, who were doing them sideways, hopping on two feet and going up backwards at various times, so that made it interesting. Sometimes I just went around some slower ones, stepping up 2 at a time using the bleacher seats beside them.

Little Runner thought it was very fun that I was going up and down the stairs, and joined me like a little puppy in her section, clapping and cheering me on. It was quite cute when I had to shoo her back to her seat to start another set on the other side.

By 7:45 I’d finished my 5th set and after a long drink at the water fountain and some tending to Little Runner, I did a 4 lap cool down. By now the little girls were running back and forth on the open track stretch near the lockers. They were doing some follow the leader stuff and having a ball.

After I stretched, we both bundled up and headed home. It was so cold out that two cars were blaring their car alarms, making the parking lot very noisy.

I bet my firefighter and Olympic Skeleton Racer, Duff Gibson does stairs. I bet he even does them when it’s -20 somthing outside. Duff’s buddy Jeff Pain thinks the Canadian men are going to sweep the Skelton podium today in Turin. Now wouldn’t that be cool! Go Duff, Jeff & Paul!



  1. I may have been braver, but you worked harder. 🙂

  2. Just heard on radio. DUFF GOT GOLD!!!!! Yeah Duff.

  3. […] Last Thursday it was still very snowy out, and I knew the Olympic Oval’s running track would be shutting down soon, so I went and ran 4 sets of stairs there with the Roadrunners. I think it was 4. By the time I’d done half an hour of stairs I couldn’t remember anymore. All I knew is that the time I did 5 sets of stairs it took more recovery than I liked, so I didn’t mind cutting it short this time. […]


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