Posted by: Karen | February 17, 2006

Golden Gibson

Photo by Frank Gunn. Duff is on the left.

Wow! My February Challenge stalk-ee won GOLD today! I can’t wait to see it on T.V. tonight. Congratulations as well to Jeff Pain who got Silver, Paul Boehm who got 4th, and Mellisa Hollingsworth-Richards, who won Bronze in the women’s Skeleton race yesterday.

Duff also announced his retirement from the Skeleton, after breaking the world record for being the oldest winter games individual gold medal winner in history. He wanted to go out on top, and you just don’t get any topper than that, eh.

Hey, if he’s not training for Skeleton anymore, maybe we can get him to come out to a cross country race or two, hm?



  1. That’s great, and inspiring to see the, ahem, “older” guys winning out there! And I just have to say that I am relishing in your use of my favorite Canadian word “eh”! Yes, you may roll your eyes at me, but it makes me a little homesick for my birthplace just north of Canada…

  2. That’s so awesome!! My RBF Challenge Stalkee injured herself and was unable to compete. I’m a bit sad, but her story is quite an amazing one that I can actually relate to…I haven’t posted about it yet, but my person is Anne Abernathy aka Granny Luge.


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