Posted by: Karen | February 16, 2006

Fireflies and Snow

Well, some snow finally found us. The temps dropped Tuesday night, the wind howled mightily and blew us a few drifty kisses. Normally I pride myself on getting out in miserable winter weather just so I can write about it here and shame everyone else in warmer climes out of weather-whines, but tonight? I’m heading to the Oval to run stairs indoors. I can, so I will.

I will meet up with some of my fireflies and we’ll do some stairs together. 🙂


  1. And you do make me feel like a wheenie when I read about you running in ice and snow. And your “easy” run is running in an oval with an ice track in it. Then again, it’s another beautiful day in Florida with blue skies and a high of 77F BABY!

    I have to savor this because hurricane seasons starts May 1. May 1-Nov 30, that’s 7 months out of the year. SIGH…

  2. […] It’s on! Today Karen posted she was running inside at the oval rather than braving the cold weather as we normally would. I took that as a challenge although she likely didn’t mean it that way. Its just the friendly rivalry we sometimes have with each other. So whether it was for bragging rights or just plain craziness I ran outside in -28C (-18F), who knows. Likely a little of both. Besides I had to break in my new runners. I dressed wisely with my super warm sweats, a tech shirt (no cotton, Bold) and a top layer of a super warm long fleece. I added a fleecy hat and scraf to cover my face. […]

  3. Hey, cool! Thanks for the link. I’m even more like a firefly in that they only like to come out in warm weather. I’d never make it as a Canadian firefly, for sure.


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