Posted by: Karen | February 15, 2006

Valentine’s Day Run

I roasted up a chicken last Sunday afternoon, made a tiara with Little Runner, baked some heart-shaped sugar cookies, and made sure everyone felt very loved in advance, so hopefully they wouldn’t mind me going out to run last night. Sunday I also went out shopping for a few favourite Valentine goodies, and very generously saved my husband the trouble of buying stuff for me, by buying it for myself.

“By the way, Honey, you got me some of my favourite bath stuff (it was on sale), some chocolate marshmallow hearts, and some Bernard Callebaut creams. You’re a real sweetie, you know that?” He laughed when I told him.

So yesterday after work I started 4 loaves of bread, stuck tuna casserole in the oven, put on my running clothes, did all the dishes, shaped the bread for a second rising, ate supper with the kids, gave bread-baking instructions to Soccer Boy, and headed out the door a few minutes before Hubby got home.

About maybe a third of our usual Roadrunner’s group was at the Oval, probably due to the missing members’ loved ones needing their undivided attention. Tanya and a couple of new girls were there from last week though, and we all warmed up together before doing 18 minutes of 30:30s. Tanya didn’t have her watch with her, so she bravely stuck with me. Last time Tanya and I did 30:30s together, I lost her after about 5 or 6 minutes. This time I knew she’d do better, and she lasted 13 minutes before deciding to walk and catch her breath. More than a 100% improvement. Go Tanya! She will be leaving me in the dust by next month.

We did not have the breath to talk during the 30:30s, but enjoyed a very pleasant chat during our 4 lap cooldown and post-run stretching. As we left for our cars I pointed out the lighted Olympic torch to Tanya (she’s new to Calgary). It is only lighted on special occasions (like during Olympics), and it was a cool reminder to us that we had been training at a former Olympic venue.

When I got home, Hubby greeted me with a beautiful card that had a spoon tucked into it. He then presented me with a yummy tub of triple chocolate Haagen-Daz ice cream. Oh, he knows how to make me smile. After a nice, warm bubble bath, I caught up on the day’s Olympic highlights while lightening the tub of H-D.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhh that’s sweet!


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