Posted by: Karen | February 14, 2006

Heart Day

Ha. For once I’m pinker than Dawn is. All of the below is pretty much true, but for the record? My lucky first date with my husband started out as a game of co-ed football. I’ve been falling for him ever since…

Your Heart Is Pink

In relationships, you like to play innocent – even though you aren’t.
Each time you fall in love, it’s like falling for the first time.

Your flirting style: Coy

Your lucky first date: Picnic in the park

Your dream lover: Is both caring and dominant

What you bring to relationships: Romance



  1. Have a good one!

  2. What a cute thing. My heart was blue, and right on the money. Have a great day.

  3. I guess my pinkness rubbed off on you…lol. Yes, I will be at the Oval as long as we don’t get a major snowstorm between now and then.


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