Posted by: Karen | February 10, 2006

My Choice – February Olympic Challenge

This is a tough one! I’m having a hard time choosing just one Winter Olympics Athlete to follow for my challenge. I’ll inevitably be watching as many of them as I can, but to choose just one to shadow? Tough.
Anouk LeBlanc-Boucher Cindy Klassen Jeremy Wotherspoon
I’m looking forward to seeing our Canadian speedskaters totally rule the track this time. Since I often do my track workouts around the very ice on which they train, I feel a special bond there, but they’re not who I’m going to shadow for my February Challenge.

Beckie Scott David Leoni. Shhh, do NOT bug a guy with a gun, eh.

I’m also inspired by Cross Country Skiers and Biathlon competitors, especially since these two come from Alberta, but they’re not my choice, either.

In view of my blog name, I decided I need to follow sport that involves a slope. Downhill skiing sounded good, but then I started looking through some other options, and though this sport scares me silly, I’m going to shadow a Skeleton athlete, Duff Gibson. Here’s a man who’s not just brave in his sport, but he’s also a firefighter (Dawn will like that), plays guitar in a band, and he’s even my age.
This is CRAZY! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I can just hear Dawn singing Aretha Franklin now - Rescue Me!

I’m impressed with the whole Skeleton team – who wouldn’t be awed by people who launch themselves head first on a little piece of slippery, light material down a steep, twisty track of ice! Whoa, I wonder what his life insurance guy thinks of that.

I thought I had a photo of Duff by his fire truck, but I’ve lost it now. I’ll keep looking…


  1. Karen,

    I know we live in a country where the obvious choice is to emulate one of our strapping young hockey players, but I would have to say that it is difficult to argue against a sport that combines the integral life skills of cross country skiing and shooting.

  2. So where’s the uniform and butt shot??? 😉


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