Posted by: Karen | February 7, 2006

Somebody Moved My Winter

Here in Calgary we haven’t had winter yet. We seem to be lingering in a 4-month long, brown November. Heck, I think we had more snow in November than we did in December and January.

Nancy pointed out this cool snow-cover map site a little while ago:
Hellooooo, I thought all the hot air was supposed to be over Ottawa, eh?

We had to drive 2 hours from town, out into the mountains to snowshoe. It makes it easy to get the car ready to go to work, but I’m really getting tired of the brown ground. We haven’t made any snowangels or snowmen on the front lawn, or had any snowdays off school, or gotten stuck, or thrown a kid in a snowbank, or built any forts or had rows of soggy mittens drying on the heat registers or gone tobogganing…

Mind you, it makes for some GREAT running conditions 🙂



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