Posted by: Karen | February 7, 2006

Shoehorn Schedule

I did it. I ran on a Monday night! It took some serious packing of my schedule, but I finally managed to get in a run on a night when I don’t usually run. I’m a pretty regular Tuesday/Thursday/Weekend runner, but adding in an extra run during the week has been quite difficult.

Yesterday I got home from work at barely before 4, to catch the Little Runner off her bus. I immediately started making 4 loaves of bread, which I didn’t get to making on the weekend. Shortly after setting the bread to rise, Band Boy called from detention and I had to load Little Runner into the car and go pick him up. I was not impressed – guess who’s privileges just got cut shorter over the next couple of weeks? After we’ve just had a week-long, report-card driven lecture about handing in assignments?

5:25 we get home and both kiddos help make a quick supper of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. We managed to eat by 6, and I punched down the bread and answer the phone before taking Little Runner to girls club by 6:30. I hurried home, changed into running clothes, checked on the boy finishing his big assignment on my computer, and actually headed out for a run. On a Monday!

Once I took a few minutes to plan my route, I looked up at Orion and the Big Dipper and grinned. The roads were dry, there was no wind, and I was out there! I managed a couple of hills and 40 minutes of steady, gentle running before returning home.

After I got home I popped over to the store for milk and apples, frowned in the soup isle when I realized they’re not going to re-stock the bullion cubes I use all the time, that I’ve run out of, and then carried on to pick up Little Runner from girls club. Came home, started the washing machine, tucked in a kiddo, and folded other laundry on the couch while not really watching CSI Miami (The Flames game wasn’t aired on my channels Did we lose again?.)

And I get to run AGAIN, tonight! 🙂



  1. Good for you. Sounds like a hectic evening, but you made it work. That’s awesome. If only hubby and I would get finished laying this new hard wood floor in our dining and living rooms so I could run again.


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