Posted by: Karen | February 5, 2006

Frostbite Falls Arrival

Yesterday I got myself downtown by 8 am to run 12 km with Sylvie along the river pathways. We had a nice chat and enjoyed +1C/34F weather as we jogged along, running 10/1s. It took us about 90 minutes. I felt stronger than I’d felt on a longer-than-8k-run in a long time.

Towards the end we both saw a bright pink strip of surveyor’s tape tied to a bush. I laughed and told Sylvie about Dawn?s pink ribbon indicating the shortcut to Frostbite Falls. Sylvie and I imagined seeing the smoke from the camp fire and joked about stripping down while running, so we could be ready to hop directly into the hot tub upon arrival.
Woohoo! I made it!
So I finally arrived at FBF on January 35th. With the shortcut I made it in 99.8 km instead of 106. I hope there’s still some food left. Here’s my Bernard Callebaut chocolates and hubby’s homemade port for dessert. You keeners, thanks for warming up the hot tub and starting the fire. I’ll round up the latecomers and we’ll clean up camp before we head out.

Now to mull over how I?m going to rise to the February Challenge while I sip some wine and get all pruney in the hot tub.



  1. Psst, I left some perogies in the snowbank off the back porch for the late arrivals! Don’t eat em if the snow bank has turned yellow though, hehe!

  2. january 35th….ROFLMAO!!!

  3. […] I made it to Frostbite Falls again! This year I even made it on time, without a short-cut, and did a few victory laps before unpacking my lefse to share with all the other Penguins. Last year I didn’t get to FBF until January 35th. Make room in the hot tub, Penguin buddies, I’m diving in! […]


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