Posted by: Karen | February 3, 2006

NO WALKING during Tempo Runs

Tonight I had less than 40 minutes between bringing in the groceries and Survivor: Exile Island, and the VCR’s broken. Can’t miss Survivor. Gotta run. Well hey, if Linae and Nancy can get out for 20 minute runs, I can surely do one for 35. I’d just skip the 6-hill workout and try for a 5k tempo run.

I did remember to hold back a bit in the first mile, mostly because I needed to warm up the muscles, but also because there’s a long, gentle uphill for the first 400 meters or so. When I came around the south side of the soccer field I saw no less than four white rabbits skittering away from the snow by the path. I was still feeling pretty good and the bunnies reminded me to keep the run just a tad faster than usual. That was easy, because now I was heading on a long, comfy downhill stretch. I did manage to work my 2-minute hill into the route just once, and once I’d huffed and puffed my way up to the top I thought I would take an ever-so-short walk break.

I shouldn’t have done that. Why? Because there were Mormon missionaries up there, that’s why!

MM: Well hello there. Would you mind if I talked to you about Jesus Christ?
Me: Huff, puff, if you don’t mind running along, I guess… (Me picks up the pace again. Good thing I wasn’t running with a heart rate monitor)
MM: I was wondering if we could leave this book with you and
Me: (interrupting) Got one.
(I really do/did, somewhere, unless we purged it in the move.)
MM: Do you ever read it?
Me: Sure, once or twice. (Hey, I’m a curious person.)
MM: Well maybe you’ll read it again sometime?
Me: Thanks for the encouragement, Huffpuff, Bye!

Encouragement to keep that tempo pace up, that is. Oh yeah, I think this speedwork stuff is getting more important all the time.

Frostbite Falls update: I can see the smoke rising from the campfire. Or is that steam coming from the hot tub? Anyhow, save me some munchies, I should be there by January 35th. I turned left on Dawn’s short-cut, at the first Pine Tree with the pink ribbon on it.



  1. Mormons! Ah. Not only do they have missionaries in the park where I run, they used to come by my house every 2-3 weeks. I respect their desire to spread the word but I told them time and time again that I was a practicing Christian, devout in my faith. Please leave me alone. Anyway, there’s obviously some trauma there.

    GREAT job on the run. That’s just fantastic. Glad to see someone else getting in the workouts.

  2. Good job on the run. Can I borrow a couple of kms, I missed mine. Still lots of food left and oh the hot tub feels so nice.

  3. God works in mysterious ways! LOL.


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