Posted by: Karen | January 25, 2006

On the Way to Frostbite Falls…

… I ran in circles and had some birthday cake.

Last night some of us Penguins showed up to run with the Calgary Roadrunners on the indoor track at the Olympic Oval again. It was actually pretty nice outside, but we’re trying out this speedwork thing, so we stayed in for our structured workout. It was Dawn’s birthday yesterday, and I got there just in time to give her a little present and a hug before it was time to start.

Linda and I did the 4 lap warm up together at a fair clip. It seemed like we were going a little faster than a normal warm-up, but we were still talking, so it couldn’t have been that fast.

Linda and Sylvie did 800m repeats, and Dawn and I did 600m ones. The goal was mostly to keep the time of effort to between 3 and 4 minutes, 5 times in a row, and I know I don’t do 800 m repeats in under 4 minutes. I managed to keep my times to within 10 seconds of each other, but in the last 200m of each repeat it was quite an effort to keep the pace steady.

Every now and then between the repeats I would be greeted by other Roadrunners, and in turn I let them all know to say “Happy Birthday” to Dawn if they saw her. I love it when Dawn’s birthdays coincide with our running days!

I did one lap of cool down with Dawn and then three more on my own. Dawn carried on a tradition we learned from running with Gord’s Store, of bringing along cake for everyone to celebrate. She had found some darling little packaged heart shaped cakes. One of the Roadrunners “caught” me eating one and jokingly scolded me that I should have brought enough for everyone. We had quite the laugh when Dawn explained to him that yes, she HAD brought enough for everyone, and what flavour would he prefer!

Frostbite Falls 67.8 km so far, and only one week left to get there. Where’s that short-cut Dawn’s talking about?


  1. *hugs* Thanks for everything Karen. The picture is now on my desk and I can have my Karen fix just by looking up from all my paperwork.

  2. Despite my dedicated running in truly Frost-worthy weather, I’m still playing catch up this week too. I think it’s so cool that you, Dawn and the gang do speedwork at a true Olympic venue.

  3. haha…laughing at your opening line. glad you guys had fun celebrating and running!

  4. […] Still to come: Karen and I were late starting. Karen due to a cold and me to a back ache. Last I heard Karen was getting close but she might be looking for the shortcut. Hopefully she spots the pink ribbon I tied around that pine tree and hopefully she goes left not right or she’ll be taking an extra long route. I should be there shortly. Thank goodness for the bikes I found and the warm lake swims. […]


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