Posted by: Karen | January 21, 2006

Chocolate Friday

Guess who’s one of my very favourite bloggers? Guess who sent me some chocolate truffles? Guess who thought he missed Chocolate Friday yesterday? Well Jon made it Chocolate Friday for ME yesterday; that’s when the truffles Jon sent me arrived in the mail! Woohoo!
They taste even better!
They are very yummy. MM. Delicious. Thanks so much, Jon!



  1. Okay, enough already! I’m coming to Calgary!!

  2. those really look great!

  3. I was worried the guys in customs were eating them. Hopefully they won’t give me trouble when I bring them to Around The Bay.

    “Sir, what are you bringing into Canada?”
    “Uh, running clothes and 100 chocolate truffles.”
    “You’ll have to leave the truffles here at customs, and please go wash those clothes.”

  4. Jon’s truffles are the bomb yo!

  5. We love you JON!!!

  6. Those look absolutely lovely! I think I feel a sweet tooth creeping up on me!

  7. Damn him! How do I get on that list??

  8. Now, I understand! I wish I would have read your post before I purged my home off all yummy chocolates. sniffles, poor smooshed/wasted chocolates in the landfill.
    What a pal Jon is! I am taking notes.


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