Posted by: Karen | January 20, 2006

Another Rubber Tree Down

I was so tired after supper last night, and even though I LIKE running, it was hard to leave the warm coccoon of my cozy couch and quilt. My marathon isn’t until JULY, right? Hubby called from the home improvement store where he was out picking up something and asked if there was anything else I’d like him to pick up. I asked him if they had any runs in stock.

“Honey, can you buy me a run? It should be about 50 minutes to an hour long, and have, oh, about six 2-minute hills in it. I think they had them on sale, somewhere over in the seasonal section.”

Hah. They must have been sold out. I had my running clothes on when he got home, and he booted me out the door with a “You’ll enjoy it once you’re out there – just like you always do.”

He was right. I wasn’t even half-way to my hill when I felt this huge grin spread across my face. I couldn’t control it, it just stretched out from ear to ear. It felt wonderful.

Otherwise, this week’s hill session was pretty much like last week’s; just subtract 3 Celsius degrees, add on about 15 seconds per hill, and one extra one. I was slower this week, but then I did six hills, as we don’t have a XC coming up on the weekend. I was worried that there might be ice on the hill this week from the snow we had last weekend, but the hill where I run is in front of several apartments and townhomes, the sidewalks of which are very well cleaned (no excuses).

On the way home I hummed a little ditty about an ant and a rubber tree plant. It felt good to have knocked over another one. After the run I curled back up the couch with the quilt and turned on the 3rd period of the Flames/Canadiens hockey game. I was still freezing after 5 minutes, so ran a warm tub, turned up the game and listened to the Flames win from my nice warm bath. Ah, this is the life…

FBF mileage: 46.7km so far. 59.3 to go – I might have to find a short-cut!



  1. Great job! Sometimes we all need that push out the door. I’m SO behind on your blog. I’m sorry.

  2. My kids know all the words to that song, and a lot of other Sinatra stuff. Their favorite is “Swing on a Star”

  3. Good job on the hills! I did

  4. heh…runs on sale! you crack me up. and i always loved that rubbertree song as a kid. now i’ll be humming it all day.

  5. […] Tonight I had less than 40 minutes between bringing in the groceries and Survivor: Exile Island, and the VCR’s broken. Can’t miss Survivor. Gotta run. Well hey, if Linae and Nancy can get out for 20 minute runs, I can surely do one for 35. I’d just skip the 6-hill workout and try for a 5k tempo run. […]


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