Posted by: Karen | January 18, 2006

Tuesday Track – 30:30s

I parked near the firehall a good 1/2 km away from the indoor track at the Olympic Oval last night, so I wouldn’t have to pay the $3 parking fee. I was late arriving, so it made for a good warm-up before the warm-up.

By the time I’d stashed my windpants and wind breaker in my backpack (I wore shorts and a tech T) it was time to do the 4 lap warm-up. I warmed up alongside Cindy, and had a nice chat with her. Then it was time to do 30:30s. This is an exercise where we set our watches to beep every 30 seconds. For 30 seconds we run pretty darn hard and then alternate that with 30 seconds of gentler running. We were to keep up the 30:30s for 18 minutes, which meant doing it 18 times consecutively. “Pretty darn hard” meant we had to run hard enough that we wouldn’t be able to talk. I kept track of the minutes on my fingers, as I’d forgotten to check the time at which we started.

This was the PERFECT exercise for my short attention span, and to my surprise I actually enjoyed the faster seconds more than the slower ones. There was a point at 9 minutes when I was pretty darn tired of going pretty darn fast, but then my watch beeped again and my feet, form and lungs garnered all my attention. Towards the end it started to feel like my watch was just beeping ALL THE TIME, but it was a very nice feeling when I was finishing the last one.

I had a nice big drink of my Ultima and walked a lap after the 18 minutes was up. Linda and I jogged the 4-lap cool-down together.

This brings my FBF total to 39.4km so far.



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