Posted by: Karen | January 15, 2006

? Four jobs you?ve had in your life: Summer Student Music Therapist in a Psycho/Gerriatric institution, Member of Provincial Legislature Constituency Office Staff, Secretary to the Facilities Engineering Specialist Department for Petro-Canada, Carlton Cards Salesperson. To this day I can’t browse through a card store without straightening up all the cards and putting them back where they belong.

? Four movies you could watch over and over: Toy Storey – Little Runner and I practically have this one memorized. We can recite scenes like some folks recite Shakespeare. Brother Bear – those Canadian Moose characters make me laugh every time! Oh, and some grown-up movies too – A.I. and Independence Day. I like science fiction and A.I. intrigues me intellectually for the sociological and futuristic stuff. Independence Day just kicks butt in the way I like to tackle races and Will Smith is exactly my cup of tea. I know this next one means 5 movies, but I can’t leave it out – Pirates of the Carribean – Johnny Depp…. need I say more?

? Four places you?ve lived: Jarrow – population 12 in the first four years of my life, back in the 60’s. Dad ran the grain elevators there, between Viking and Kinsella. Ryley, Sedgewick and Camrose, Alberta were the next few towns I lived in as a kid.

? Four TV shows you love to watch: SURVIVOR. The world stops when I watch this show! I also enjoy Two and a Half Men, The 70’s Show, CSI, Calgary Flames hockey games, and believe it or not, What Not to Wear. Yes, that’s five shows, but there are more I like. I don’t have to watch them all, but my remote contol and I get along all too well.

? Four places you?ve been on vacation: Alpine Europe (high school Easter break trip), Florida (three times), Playa del Something near Cancun Mexico, and Vancouver (World Expo 1986).

? Four websites you visit daily: Google and Bloglines are about it. I get to the Yahoogroups, Complete Running and Calgary Roadrunners sites 4-5 times a week.

? Four of your favorite foods: chocolate and any related food involving it, asparagus, strawberries and tortilla chips. Of course, nearly any food is my favourite after I’ve run outside in chilly weather.

? Four places you?d rather be: Snorkelling in the bay at Xcaret, receiving an awesome aromatherapy facial and massage at that place Hubby sent me for Mother’s Day once, snowshoeing and/or toboganning with my family in the Kananaskis or anywhere with enough snow, and any race finish line where I have friends coming in shortly.

? Four albums you can?t live without : I can live without a lot of stuff. I like music a lot, but I’m quite capable of amusing myself with t.v. theme songs stuck in my head. That being said, some albums that I like at the moment are: On Christmas Day by Cherish the Ladies, Fingerdance by Billy McLaughlin, Something Beautiful by Great Big Sea, and Nothin’ But the Taillights by Clint Black, as a sampling of genres I like.

? Four vehicles I?ve owned: I personally haven’t owned four vehicles yet; however, here are the last 4 vehicles I’ve driven regularly: 2000 dark green Chevy Malibu (present car), 2001 white Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan (mine), 1994 white minivan (can’t remember make), 1980sish Oldsmobile 4 door car (in hubby’s name).

I’m not tagging anyone directly with this, because I haven’t been reading enough blogs lately to know who’s done it and who hasn’t, and Totally-Obsessed-With-Warcraft III boy is breathing down my neck, impatiently waiting to usurp my position in front of the screen. If you’re interested in blogging your answers to the above, consider yourself tagged.

Now maybe I need to take down that Christmas Tree, eh?



  1. 1994 white Dodge Grand Caravan πŸ™‚ (mine’s a 1997)

  2. LOL! Our tree is still up too! πŸ˜€

    Pirates of the Carribean was a very cool movie on so many levels. I got it on DVD, widescreen format, for my birthday. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m still a huge Survivor fan too!

  4. Take your tree down? And here I was thinking you were so organized to have it up already…


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