Posted by: Karen | January 12, 2006

The Two-Minute Hill

I’m going back to ye olde reliable Calgary Roadrunners 10k group routine: speed work on Tuesdays, hills on Thursdays. I could have shown up and done these at the Oval too, as their bleachers offer plenty of stairs and there’s even a nice big ramp up behind them. I didn’t, though, because I live in a hilly neighbourhood and have just the right hill for these kinds of workouts about a mile from my house. We’ll call it my 2 minute hill.

I jogged a flat mile to the top of my hill in -3C/26.6F tonight, wearing a long sleeved T over a short sleeved one, with my lined windbreaker over top of leggings. I wore mitts, but didn’t think it was windy enough to have to cover my ears. My ears complained for the first km that maybe I should consider covering them in -3C anyway. They warmed up when I hit the hill, though. I left my jacket at the bottom of the hill, because a) I was warm enough not to really need it, and b) I couldn’t just jog home if I felt crappy after running up only a couple of hills. I would only bring it up when I’d decided at the bottom when I’d had enough.

I call it my 2 minute hill because that’s how long it took me to get up it the first time tonight. Two minutes the first time, tra la tra la.

The second time my legs said “what the heck are you DOING!” and fussed so much that it took me 2:30. Get over it, leggos, we’ve got a few more to do.

The third time up I sucked it up and imagined myself as jeff, fighting for his BQ in last weekend’s OC. That worked better, and I mustered a 2:14.

After that I imagined myself running Disney with my buds Nancy, Jeanne, Tory and Linae and other Penguins, and the 4th and 5th runs up took 2:04 and 2:15 respectively. I really enjoy my imagination sometimes.

I would have done a 6th hill, as is on the 10k group schedule, but remembered that a) I’m still recovering from a cold, b) Hubby was expecting me back sooner than I could get home, and c) I have a Cross Country race this Saturday. Plenty of hills there!

I was plumb tuckered on the jog on the way home, another good reason I’m happy with 5 instead of 6 hills tonight. Now that I’ve had my chocolate milk, it’s time to turn in.



  1. I’m sure I NEVER ran that fast last weekend!! But thanks for the virtual workout!!

  2. […] Otherwise, this week’s hill session was pretty much like last week’s; just subtract 3 Celsius degrees, add on about 15 seconds per hill, and one extra one. I was slower this week, but then I did six hills, as we don’t have a XC coming up on the weekend. I was worried that there might be ice on the hill this week from the snow we had last weekend, but the hill where I run is in front of several apartments and townhomes, the sidewalks of which are very well cleaned (no excuses). […]


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