Posted by: Karen | January 12, 2006

Frostbite Falls Update

I’m waaaayyy behind on my trip to Frostbite Falls, but it appears Boris and Natasha are out raining on northern, west coast runners, leaving me alone to make some headway. Tonight’s run puts me at 18.4 piddly little km. I’d better find a short cut or the Bernard Callebaut bonbons won’t make it to the falls on time!

Are you going to Frostbite Falls? How’s your trip coming along?


  1. I confess I can’t figure out where I go to monitor progress on your trip. Is there a web-site to check your progress? Good luck – it sounds like a fun concept!

  2. I’m a little bit ahead with my trip to Frostbite Falls, after tonight I will have 121 out of a planned 240 kilomters.

  3. I’m slightly behind as well but optimistic I’ll catch up in the next week. I just need to ditch my job, family and friends first…kidding. Really. Glad I’m not the only one starting this virtual trip with a bit of a deficit. Maybe all us slowpokes can stop along the way and refuel with inspirations drinks and humble pie!

  4. If I counted my running and cycling, I’d be there long ago! But alas…I’m still floundering my way along in the stream….

  5. Ah, finally plotted my route to Frostbite Falls. Thanks for the reminder. And you must be getting all the cold that we were missing for two weeks. And why the heck did you send it back!


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