Posted by: Karen | January 10, 2006

Emerging from Ickiness

Yes, my Christmas lights are still up in my header, as is our Christmas tree at home.

Boris and Natasha, foes of those Penguins travelling FBF-ward, must have been working their bad deeds in the neighbourhood last weekend, as I fell into a coughing, zombifying pit of lethargy, hitting bottom by Saturday. I haven’t done any running since last Tuesday, and Frostbite Falls is looking very far away at this point.

I did, however, get Little Runner’s room and new toys very organized, re-vamped my home filing system (a HUGE job), and caught up on a couple of other domestic tasks.

I’ve not run since last Tuesday, but am going to show up with the Calgary Roadrunners indoors at the Olympic Oval tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. My Christmas tree is still up. At least until Epiphany, then I’ll decide.

  2. Mine stays up until epiphany too. But being that that was jan 6, it’s down now.

  3. There is no need to feel guilty about the tree being up. In fact, I commend you for getting away with it! If I had my way, our tree would be up Nov. 1st and come down Feb. 13th. However, I fell in love with the Grinch and negotiated a pre-thanksgiving to post-new year’s tree. Take what I can get, but one day I know he’ll cave. They don’t call me the Queen of Jing-A-Ling for nothing. I am the biggest christmas freak you’ll ever meet. So….leave it up! 🙂 It’s not hurting anyone, now is it?!

    Happy running!


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