Posted by: Karen | January 5, 2006

Starting Off Slowly

Over the New Year’s weekend I had a sore throat, so tried to take it easy. I told my relatives further North that I’d be staying home instead of coming to visit, and hung out around home instead.

Tuesday I got out for my first run of the year, to start out on my trip to Frostbite Falls, and managed a very comfortable, gentle 5 km, with some walking involved. I felt like I could have pushed harder, but didn’t want to stress my body out and get sicker. The weather’s been beea-u-tiful for running, but I just haven’t felt well enough to really enjoy it.

Yesterday I took my son shopping, to spend some of his Christmas gift money and we spent the whole afternoon looking for the very best hoodie in Calgary. I kept the receipt, in case he changes his mind today. Shopping exhausts me more than running does. Today I’m coughing and wishing I’d rested more yesterday.

I’m also back to work today, so we’ll see how I feel about running after that. My trip to Frostbite Falls might take me a little longer than I thought.



  1. Wow, you found the best hoodie in all of Calgary with a cold. Well done, girl! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I should be back at it myself, by the weekend.


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