Posted by: Karen | December 29, 2005

Caught Some Waves

I got out for about an hour on Tuesday for a good, solid run around the neighbourhood. Since the Chinooks have melted most of the snow and ice lately, I was even able to work in a kilometer or so of hilly dirt trails before spending the rest of the run on dry streets. I felt surprisingly strong and energetic in the last 20 minutes and enjoyed keeping a steady 10k pace going.

Later in the day (since there’s no snow for sledding) Hubby and I took the kiddos out to a big wave pool and we spent a couple of hours playing in the water, climbing up stairs, zipping down water slides, and relaxing in the hot tub.

We went late in the afternoon, at about 4 p.m, and the pool was not very busy – perfect! Of course we were starving on the way home and stopped for burgers. I hope my kids remember happy days like these when they grow up.



  1. i was tempted to ask if the water in the pool was heated…but then i remembered it’s canada that we’re talking about, home of the polar bear.


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