Posted by: Karen | December 27, 2005

Christmas was Lovely

I’m sitting around in new fleecy pink jammies that have penguins on them, thinking I should get out for a run pronto. I haven’t run since last Tuesday, I think. No, wait, my son pushed me out the door on Christmas Eve day for a 20 minute jog. Even though I had lots of stuff to do, he knew I needed to get out, and I’m glad I did. The weather’s been gorgeous for running and driving- but the lack of snow around here is taking away from it feeling like Christmas.

Christmas Day, Little Runner and I got out for a nice hour outside, which involved walking about a kilometer to a playground, her playing while I dozed in the sunshine on a bench, and then strolling home.

I haven’t had to cook supper three nights in a row now, so I’m getting rather spoiled. I did bring a couple of dishes to two of the meals, but otherwise I’ve been very pampered and am really enjoying the season.

Hubby has a couple of days before he has to go back to work, so we’re going to do some fun things with the kiddos and we’re rather enjoying not having to rush anywhere. We avoid post-Christmas shopping with a passion, so there’s no stress on that front, either.

Time to get out the door in my running shoes before I become a total blob!



  1. You run in fleecy pink jammies? (Catherine calls them “‘jamas”.)

  2. I WANTED to! They are sooo comfy! But I got dressed in leggings other stuff instead.

  3. Sounds like a great Christmas. Time with the kids without time constraints – sounds like heaven!

  4. I love the after Christmas sales! I went out today and even the food was on sale. All the chicken was $1.00/lb. I’m thinking they had too much since everyone will be eating turkey for a week.

    Gotta love it when its warm enough to snooze outside in December. 🙂

  5. Aren’t days off wonderful! I ran on Christmas day but need to get out again. You got pink fleece jammies, lucky you. I got a pink RBF shirt, no robe. But I went shopping on Boxing day and got one for half price.


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